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Hello! My name is Riska and I like to go by Superriska as my nickname. I came up with that name long time ago when I was young and immature. But it is a good name, I thought, so I keep it till now.

I am an ESL teacher with a background of Biology Education. There is a long story behind the shift of my career from my education background and it will have to go to another post for the details. I am passionate in education and am planning to stay in this field for the rest of my life. I am a people person and I love working especially with young people. I am a huge fan of learning and am always hungry for new things and experiences.

I love reading real books – not e-books – and I collect books in hopes that I will build my own library someday. I love reading because reading is a way to unlock the world and through reading I can travel to places without even moving an inch!

I am 100% Indonesian descent and proud to be one. I have a deep love for my home country and have a big dream of making it great. I love it despite its complex problems and difficulties. What I know is that I need to stand up for it and never give up. I believe in my country, I believe in its potentials.

I am a sinner in a fallen world but I am glad to have known my Savior. I fail countless times but His mercy is new every morning. It gives me hope and strength to go on with life.

Lastly, I’d like to be remembered as a friend. Not a teacher, not a hero, but a friend. Yes, a friend. I want to be someone whose ears are open to cries for help. I want to be someone whose hands are stretched to give comfort to others. I want to be someone whose mouth speaks peace and encouragement to her surroundings.

I’d like to know you. Let’s be friends!

All the best,


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