About this blog

Hello again! Thank you very much for stopping by this simple blog. Just a little background about this blog, this blog was started in 2012 when I was student-teaching in a school where I am teaching professionally now five years later. The reason it was all started was that I’d like to record the captured lessons I learned during my student teaching experience. It went on through my first three years of teaching from 2013-2016, had a little vacuum time for a year and a half before I decided to bring it back to life again on New Year’s Eve 2018.

The original purpose is still maintained but a little bit modified to be more general. This blog is intended to be a written record of the daily life lessons I get to encounter. I have five different sections to categorize my writings: Through the Words: the writings that are inspired by random quotes; Through the Pictures: the writings that are inspired by some pictures I took or found; Through the Crafts: the posts of my handicrafts Through the Readings: some discussions of the ideas I found on my readings; and Count your blessings: a section dedicated for a handful daily gratitude to hopefully encourage and inspire the readers.

This blog is far from perfect and I am not aiming for perfection after all. This blog is a box full of progresses, a journey of enjoying the process, and a journal of a person whose aim is to become less. Yes, I do not intend to gain anything in any way, because I know the purpose of my very existence is to become a servant who seeks to make her Master become greater.

Bogor, January 5, 2018

Cheers! 🙂8cf80ed287242af1daf124b9cffa2398